It’s Monday morning. I’m feeling stressed out by all the hectic people around me after my weekend chilling. I’m standing on a streetcar, jam-packed with hundreds of people making a deafening noise. Screaming kids, raging moms, business people speaking loudly on their cells...

It’s going to be a long day.

I think longingly back to my relaxing weekend on the couch, in my hoodie under a cozy blanket, a bag of garlic baked rolls next to me, watching a series. “That’s the life” I think to myself, on this aggravating Monday morning. But let’s be honest, I’ll be back on the binge-watching this evening. And on Tuesday evening, and on Wednesday evening, and, and, and... Until I’m on a new week and a new season.

It’s true: When I find a show I like, I’m a total TV junkie. Thank God I’m also really sociable. So there are days that I go out and meet friends in the real world. Or sometimes I invite the girls over for an evening in front of the TV...;) Just kidding!

ADDICTED to a show. I’m sure I’m by far not the only one. Especially these days, what with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and co. Where the two biggest problems are deciding what to watch from the masses of shows out of there and counting down the seconds between episodes.

Gossip Girl, Sex and the City, and OC California – I love the mix of love, fashion, drama and, after much anticipation and nail-biting, I love nothing more than a happy ending.

I usually have a favorite actor in whatever it is I’m watching. And then my imagination really knows no bounds. I recently watched the series Gossip Girl for the thousandth time. I ended up wearing a red cotton pantyhose, a sexy Peter Pan collar shirt dress, and a headband in my hair, calling in vain for Dorota to come.

There is in any case some truth in the saying “It’s not who you are, but who you want to be.” Do you get what I’m saying?

I took my inspiration for our summer collection “addicted” from my three favorite shows. I picked my favorite characters and designed an outfit for each of them. 

Scheming, smart, and ambitious with a big heart, which she shows only her closest friends and the love of her life, Chuck Bass. This is the first character I chose. Blair Cornelia Waldorf. Also known as Queen B. She’s ALWAYS stylishly dressed and wears fashion confidently and well.

My absolute favorite character. She’s really tough, knows exactly what she wants, and does whatever it takes to get it. She’s a real Upper East Side girl, in constant competition with Serena Wanderwoodsen. Her best friend and perpetual rival. But what no one does better than her is fashion. Whether in her school uniform or a cocktail dress at a chic party. She’s ALWAYS stylishly dressed and wears fashion confidently and well.

Our “BE A QUEEN B” two-piece comprises a double-breasted, checked, fuchsia blazer and matching pants inspired by Ms. Waldorf’s favorite pattern. And it’s not just her school skirts she likes checked. She’s always wearing the print on Gossip Girl. The casual fit and short shorts make the outfit a real head-turner and is perfect for strong women who want to make a statement about who they are. 

“Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself” is a typical saying of a certain New Yorker columnist. Sex and the City. Sarah Jessica Parker in the role of Carrie Bradshaw. The show is based around four friends who recount their lives as New Yorkers in their own unique way. 

Carrie is a blend of all four characters, and therefore a well-balanced character. She’s a little wild, a little shy, but also ambitious and in search of true love. Besides writing, Carrie adores her shoes and extravagant outfits. In the end, she finds the love of her life, Mr. Big, and also makes it big as an author. She’s also a real style icon.

The “BE OBSESSED” dress and “BE LOVELY” top will appeal to all fashion lovers. The high-quality, flowing fabrics, the wave-like color gradient, and the sexy bows on the shoulders are an absolute must-have for our fashionistas. A style right up Carrie Bradshaw’s street. She’d wear it to go shopping on Fifth Avenue, teamed with denim, or to a classy dinner at a fashionable party.

Sun, sea, sand, and a bucket full of drama. It’s my final favorite show. OC California. A show about the lives of three young teenagers in Orange Country. About the rift between rich and poor, about love and friendship.

My favorite character is Summer Roberts.

She’s initially portrayed as incredibly superficial, bitchy, and materialistic. But when she gets together with Seth Cohen, the outsider at Harbor High School, she transforms into the loveable, reliable, considerate Summer. Her close friends and family are extremely important to her and she defends them 100%. She loves shopping and fashion. But she’s not very adventurous. I prefer her in casual jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing exciting, but it underscores her cool, laid-back manner. 

And so we’ve included four basic t-shirts in our collection. Two round-neck “BE SHINY” tees in the bright colors yellow and blue and two V-neck “BE A GIRL NEXT DOOR” tees in dark blue and gray. Both styles are embroidered with our three-color logo.

In conclusion, I’d say that the collection is highly versatile, with something for every character. There’s just one thing you always need to remember:


 “Be the coolest woman you know.”


-Blair Cornelia Waldorf