Find out what suits you and what you love, and then make the most of it

Today’s blog post is supposed to be about me, Anna. I am 28 years old and according to my star sign, I basically fulfill almost all positive and negative characteristics of the scale.

I love moments full of consonance and harmony. That’s why I like to get up at 5:00 in the morning. I often underestimate the weather and usually either overdress or underdress. I love nature, but I also need the big city. My enthusiasm sometimes drives those around me crazy. Today I’ll practice yoga, and tomorrow I’ll go bouldering. I love the sun, the summer, and the sea. For me, the glass is always half full. Everything happens for a reason!

I’m a total aficionado. I live for the beautiful things in life. A trip with a friend to Marrakech. A semester abroad in the South of France. A nice dinner at home and then I’ll spend Sunday evening in the bathtub with a good book in hand. I have devoured the works of Elena Ferrante just for the heck of it. Books are a source of ideas and inspiration. They show us the diversity of the world. And then there are moments when I just flip through fashion magazines. From time to time I’ll sit on the floor for hours, cut out pictures, and then sit in front of a mood board. For this reason, I am also truly a Pinterest and Instagram lover. Otherwise, I prefer to spend my time in good company. Be it with friends or my family, of course. Family comes first anyway. ALWAYS. And when I’m spending time with my loved ones, it’s also pointless to write me via WhatsApp.

But now we’re getting to the important part. Why is it that I’m writing this post about myself today? In many ways, my parents are my greatest role models. They have made me and my sister into people that have everything – in terms of personal tools, of course. They give us enough space to live our own lives and are always there for us when we need support. They gave me the following advice early on.

Find out what suits you and what you love, and then make the most of it!

Easier said than done. I love structure and I love keeping to-do lists. I’m an absolute freak when it comes to keeping things orderly. That’s probably why I have also decided to study business administration. However, I am also a very sociable person who loves to exchange experiences with others. That’s why a Master’s program with a focus on entrepreneurship was just right for me. I studied at a very international business school in Munich. In my opinion, we grow through exchange and learning about the different perspectives of the people we talk to. It was therefore common for a group of creative minds to sit together and then bring one idea after the other to life. And that’s exactly what I love. To push forward with something you’re convinced of and believe in. This is exactly how it is with SISTER LAELA. Sara is the creative mind responsible for the collections and the design. She’s my counterpart, my favorite person, and the one who makes me laugh all the time. And I am responsible for bringing our idea to life.

Today I can say that I have found exactly what suits me and what I love. Now it’s up to us to make the most of it.

xx Anna