Who doesn’t like to play? Children play with dolls, Lego bricks, or cars. Teenagers play on a PC or their smartphone. Parents play with their children. And sometimes with their pets, too. Older people play Yahtzee. Risk-taking people play roulette. Smart people play chess. Men like to play with women. Or vice versa. Athletes play with or against each other. Always according to the “Fair Play” motto. Films are played. “Press play” – that’s how our story starts, too.

Our first Autumn/Winter 18/19 collection is about the story of Laela, our imaginary third sister.

“Playing is experimenting with chance.” – Novalis

This is also my approach to my design process. Colors, materials, and shapes speak their own language. When I brainstorm I sit in my own glimmering soap bubble, which seems in danger of bursting as soon as I stop giving in to chance. I love to see how my designs come to life over time and how a small idea can become a whole rack of clothes that’s full of reality. 

I love bright colors, cuddly and high-quality materials, and above all I appreciate fair production. “Fair Play” doesn’t apply just in sports. That’s why the products are designed in our studio in Munich and produced near Stuttgart. We hope you like them. With this in mind.

“The source of all that’s good is in the game.” Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel